Hi there,

It's a pleasure to have you visit!

I’m Ben— a creative entrepreneur.

I joined the Navy when I was 18 and set sail across the Atlantic. I had the opportunity to visit several different countries while gaining real-world experience. After eight years, I got out of the Navy, attended the University of North Florida, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design & Digital Media.

It was by accident that I stumbled into the creative field professionally, but even in my youth, I would manipulate images using Microsoft Paint on a Windows 98 computer. So it’s no surprise that as an adult, I still play around creating things on a computer. So even though I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design—my creative foundation—I also found myself working as a videographer for a multi-billion-dollar FinTech and freelance photographer in the Jacksonville area. In addition, I have always been the type of person to do what I love, and my creative passions constantly evolve.

  • Thrives in fast-paced environments with quick turnarounds;

  • Strong Ability to Come up with Unique Concepts;

  • Strength in storyboarding and storytelling;
  • Expert in Photo Editing, Photo Manipulation, and Color Correcting;

  • Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Sense of Humor;
  • Creative—Thinks Visually and Strategically;
  • Focused on Personal and Professional Growth;
  • Goal-Oriented.